Ramblings of an Artist

28 year old Male living the sweet life in California. Like a Carpathian. I'm an artist of many mediums, some of which you will see on here.My main focus is as a Digital Lighting Artist. Many times I'll just post a random sketch dump, fleeting thought or occasional NSFW image. I'm a fatass, a smartass, and nerd/geek. My loves include Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, RoboCop, Marvel Comics, DC Comics (Not too sure about the reboot but that's a separate post all together), Photography, the CosPlay of others, literature of a wide and varied sort. Oh hell, I just put you to sleep. Feel free to drop me a message or ask and find out about me. I don't bite unless asked and I'm pretty laid back. Other than that, enjoy the internet, don't forget to tip your service provider.

All in all, this is my personal blog. Enjoy.