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28 year old Male living the sweet life in California. Like a Carpathian. I'm an artist of many mediums, some of which you will see on here.My main focus is as a Digital Lighting Artist. Many times I'll just post a random sketch dump, fleeting thought or occasional NSFW image. I'm a fatass, a smartass, and nerd/geek. My loves include Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, RoboCop, Marvel Comics, DC Comics (Not too sure about the reboot but that's a separate post all together), Photography, the CosPlay of others, literature of a wide and varied sort. Oh hell, I just put you to sleep. Feel free to drop me a message or ask and find out about me. I don't bite unless asked and I'm pretty laid back. Other than that, enjoy the internet, don't forget to tip your service provider.

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What’s funny about this is that in Star Trek he’s quoting Sherlock Holmes, but in Sherlock he’s quoting Spock.

Although the original quote was from Sherlock Holmes. It was used in TOS and then in Star Trek (2009) as a reference to SH. Then in Sherlock 2x02, Sherlock says it and John calls him ‘Spock’ as though it’s a reference to Star Trek and Wibbly Wobbly Inception of the quote, yo.

Canonically Spock is a descendant of Sherlock Holmes.

Wait, really? ^^^^

Yep. Star Trek 6 Spock says “An ancestor of mine once said ‘If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains however improbable must be the truth.”

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